Friday, March 07, 2008

My Microsoft Works adventure

I've never set up Microsoft Works to work with my Pocket PC.

So I installed ActiveSync 4.5 on one of my XP machines. ActiveSync tells me:
"To synchronize E-mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes with this computer, do the following: Disconnect the device, run Outlook..."
Fortunately I realized I didn't need to run Outlook, just Works.

Ah, but wait a minute. Works Help says:
"Start the Works Task Launcher."
It took a Google search before I realized I had to start the Task Launcher from the Start menu, not from within Works Calendar.


Then I click "Templates." My goodness what a lot of templates there! Lessee, where's the one I'm looking for...oh yeah, "Synchronization." Windows CE device synchronization. I start that...
"Works will now run the ActiveSync setup program to install the Works Synchronization files onto your Windows CE device. After the ActiveSync application downloading is complete, please turn off your Windows CE device and then turn it back on to complete the installation."
Followed by:
"Please check your mobile device screen to see if additional steps are necessary to complete this installation."
And indeed, there were some clicks to finish installation on the Pocket PC.

Of course, this fairly-ancient Pocket PC then tells me:
"The program you have installed may not display properly because it was designed for a previous version of Windows Mobile software [italics mine]."
I have to fight my way through a few more references to Outlook to get to:
"Welcome to the Pocket PC Sync Setup Wizard"
ActiveSync wants me to name the computer I'm syncing to. This part is familiar to me from previous ActiveSync adventures.

But wait, why is Calendar grayed out, but something called Appointments isn't???

Could it be that Calendar is an Outlook concept, but Appointments is a Works concept?

When I try to sync, nothing comes over in either direction. What am I doing wrong?

Do I have to set up a Mail profile in the Windows control panel?

I try that. I sync again. This time there's an error in ActiveSync:
"ActiveSync encountered a problem on the desktop. Support code: 85010014."
Anyone know what I should try next? How could I possibly have software that's too old? Is it the age of the Pocket PC? It's a Dell Axim running Windows Mobile 5.0.

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