Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Which Outlook/Google Calendar sync is best?

Reader Catherine Adams writes me:
"I am working for a company where 50% of the people use Mac (Outlook Calendar) and the other 50% use macs. I am trying to create a common calendar that everyone can access. My initial thought was Google Calendar as this doesn't have any platform issues, however the PC users love their Outlook calendars and do not really want to have to change to a whole new calendar.

"Is there any way of syncing Google Calendar with PC Outlook, or iCal with PC Outlook.

"Basically I just want a single calendar, that everyone can edit and view but the PC users aren't going to budge from the Outlook calendars."
Here are some possibilities:
Did I miss any?

I've started the first Calendar Swamp poll to let everyone vote for their favorite Outlook-to-Google Calendar sync solution. Look in the sidebar of the Calendar Swamp blog for this poll. I'll leave this poll open until the end of June, by which time, probably there will be something new.

(This list doesn't include ways to publish or subscribe between calendars. We're talking about the ability to fully sync them -- respecting added, moved, or changed events.)