Thursday, March 13, 2008

Berners-Lee: Killer Semantic Web app is a calendar mashup

Dan Farber quotes WWW creator Tim Berners-Lee:
"Imagine if two completely separate things--your bank statements and your calendar--spoke the same language and could share information with one another. You could drag one on top of the other and a whole bunch of dots would appear showing you when you spent your money."
I'm not holding my breath waiting for the Semantic Web, but once again it's interesting to see calendaring mashups as part of a proposed killer app. If calendaring interoperability is so sexy, why aren't we seeing more of it today?


hoberion said...

30 boxes does something like this with other feeds... works quite well but I switched to google calendar when it came out because the interface was so much better

Evert said...

Well, that should be obvious..

Calendaring is not sexy at all! Just dealing with date and time is one of the worst things out there..

The main standard used for calendaring exchange is CalDAV.. have you ever looked at the spec for that :P Just WebDAV is horrible to start with, CalDAV doesn't make it better.