Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Google Calendar Sync arrives

Calendar Swamp reader Matt Sweeney just tipped me off: Google Calendar Sync is now available. Two-way sync between Outlook and Google Calendar earns Google +1 SwampDrain point. It looks like a great complement to the third-party service GooSync, which takes care of syncing Google Calendar with mobile phones.


Scot said...

It's a start, but until it can sync to a google calendar besides the default one, it's not much use to me. I only use outlook at work, so I want my work events in their own separate calendar on google calendar and I certainly don't want the events on my default calendar (which are all personal) synced to work.

Seeing as this issue is mentioned in the second paragraph of the getting started page for calendar sync, I'm guessing Google know it's an issue and are working on it.

Josh said...

At last.

I can use the Calendar I wish to use at home and the calendar I am forced to use at work.

Just installed it and it is very simple which is good. Would like a few more advanced features implemented over time though.

For example multiple calendars within one outlook account. And the ability to link the different calendars to the different google calendars within one account.

Thank for pointing this out.

travisn000 said...

have you looked at syncmycal:

..I was considering giving this a try, it has a mobile and desktop version, appears to be a one time fee (not subscription like goocal), and according to their feature list supports most types of calendar events:

Key Features
Two-way calendar synchronization -
Pocket Outlook® to Google Calendar™
calendaring service and vice-versa
Selective event synchronization through date
range selection
Flexibility of publishing/not publishing private
events information in Outlook® calendar to Google Calendar™ calendaring service
Multiple calendars of Google Calendar™ calendaring service can be connected to the PDA Outlook® Calendar
Support for time zone differences in calendars through automatic schedule adjustment
Option for either publishing FREE/BUSY status or complete information about calendar events
Robust exception handling for erroneous situations leading to minimal disruption of sync operation
Continue on error feature
Support for Google Apps for domain
Supports Autosync Feature
Supports Recurrence Exception
Full Category based Synchronization support