Friday, March 21, 2008

BirdieSync installed but not working

Today I installed BirdieSync to sync my new Sunbird calendar with my Windows Mobile PDA. I had to click through some warnings about BirdieSync being untrusted and unsigned. Then I had to direct BirdieSync to the directory where Sunbird is installed. (I skipped all the stuff referring to Thunderbird, which I'm not running.)

Then, a bonus! BirdieSync lets me sync both my calendars to the PocketPC. It also let me select the default calendar where appointments and tasks I create on the PocketPC will be synchronized. Cool!

During the first synchronization, BirdieSync asks me to choose between "replace" and "combine." If I choose "combine" and if some similar elements are present on both the mobile and the PC, BirdieSync warns me it could potentially lead to duplicates if they are not absolutely identical.

However...I'm getting some sort of error: "Unable to establish a connection between the PC and the device."

Anyone out there know how to fix this? I'm thinking of reinstalling ActiveSync.


Anonymous said...

Here's a couple of things to try with ActiveSync: ActiveSync Troubleshooter: More Options

My Samsung SCH-i760 was syncing fine, then one day ActiveSync stopped working until I unchecked "Enable advanced network functionality" as described at that link.

Nitross said...

If I am not mistaken, Birdie Sync works as an ADD-ON to Active Sync.

You need both installed for it to work.