Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Meridex responds to report of Calgoo Hub woes

Michael Lui, formerly of Calgoo and now with Meridex, sent me an email in response to my post earlier today about Calgoo Hub's problems. The email said in part:

"I want to assure you that during our transition to Meridex, none of the technical infrastructure was affected. The current downtime is a direct result of the unexpected extra traffic and attention we have been getting, and we are looking at expanding and adding servers to help the the load. However, as that was happening we ran into all sorts of technical issues related to expanding, such as replication and load balancing. Not a pretty situation ;-)

"Yes, our Calgoo Hub service is definitely going through a rough patch right now. We are not as prepared as we should have been, but we are confident that we will resolve it shortly."

So we'll see if Calgoo Hub returns to form. Meanwhile, I'm keeping my main calendar on Google Calendar, have installed Google Gears, and subscribed to the calendar from Sunbird to have a local copy of it that isn't dependent upon beta software such as the Gears/Gcal combo.

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