Friday, March 13, 2009

Funambol MobileWe

Funambol MobileWe
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This week Fabrizio Capobianco of Funambol gave me a demo of the Funambol alternative (bound to be superior, by the way) to MobileMe, first announced last year. This is intended to be made available by mobile phone operators (although some of what it provides, with a different front end, is also in beta testing over at

This is interesting work that brings multivendor calendar sharing into the cloud, and helps provide an alternative to Apple and Google. Although I'm not so sure I want to have my mobile phone operator at the center of my life, any more than I want Apple or Google there. At any rate, choice is good.

Here is a screen shot Funambol provided of the generic Funambol Portal. Imagine the Funamobol logo replaced by Verizon or Sprint and you get the idea.

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