Monday, December 01, 2008

TimeDriver, HourTown: Any experiences out there?

Found on the Web: TimeTrade, which bills itself as "the world leader in customer self-service appointment scheduling" offers TimeDriver, which has been in public beta since August. It supports the usual calendar formats -- Outlook and Google Calendar -- but I haven't heard any unusual buzz about it. I think it competes with HourTown.

Has anyone reading this blog been on the receiving end of any appointments scheduled by either of these services?


Unknown said...

Hi Scott - great to meet you! Very glad to find your blog, because we couldn't agree more about the need to reconcile calendars.

I won't hog the airspace here but I want to pass on that we've started an informal user community at I'm going to drop a note there asking anyone who wants to come by and respond here.

Regards -

Dave deBronkart
Director of Marketing Analytics
TimeTrade Systems, maker of TimeDriver
dave.debronkart (at) timetrade dot com

Edward Vielmetti said...

Thanks for the heads up Scott. Never have seen these applications in the field here in Ann Arbor - the appointment I just made (with a dentist) was on an old fashioned paper calendar, and I filled out a postcard to remind me of my next cleaning.

Anonymous said...

Have not used either one, but have tried google calendar and Lattiss Online Scheduling. Google has a great user interface, but for running a business, lattiss works really well.