Tuesday, December 09, 2008

BusyBlog bashes CalDAV...or somebody

The controversy about supposed shortcomings of CalDAV takes another twisty turn with this post from BusyBlog. Cmon Swampers...someone explain this to me. Is this read-only iPhone problem the fault of CalDAV, or Google, or Apple? Seems like using a solution like BusySync gets around the problem altogether. Does this suggest the need for a standard beyond CalDAV? Maybe it exists already, and I'm not paying enough attention?


Anonymous said...

Huh? not sure I understand the readonly nature that people are talking about here.

Anonymous said...

I've tried many Caldav-solutions the past weeks, from Apple's Calendar-Server to Davical and all calendars sync nicely, except on my iPod Touch :(

I'm using an Oracle calendar-solution at my work and nothing seems to sync it. Apple won't allow SyncML to interact and using Caldav was my last hope.

However, I just spotted a new solution from Synthesis, they've created their own calendar- and todo app for iPhone and iPod Touch. Bought it, installed it, set it up and it works like a breeze. Won't sync with iCal, but I'll handle that with some Caldav- and SyncMl tricks.