Friday, December 14, 2007

Google Calendar and BlackBerry sync up

Here's +1 SwampDrain point to Google and RIM for introducing full calendar syncing between Google Calendar and the BlackBerry. Thanks to Calendar Swamp reader Matt Sweeney for the tip.


Timon Braun said...

You should consider some bonus points, up to +3, because this seems to open up a magical back door to exchange calendars. See bullet point six in this ecstatic blog post. I have been using it on the Blackberry for a few days and there is more good news: it supports multiple calendars, so say a benighted businessperson is stuck with exchange but wants her husband to add events, and he has no access to her LDAP server; she can subscribe and sync to his calendar, and the event will be uploaded as if she had entered it on her handheld. I think this is amazing and promising, and am a fan of the blog, btw.

Unknown said...

Much better wireless sync for the Blackberry at No excange server or BlackBerry Enterprise Server needed. Plus you get a $400.00 CRM for free.

Anonymous said...

An even better option is - they offer wireless syncing between your Outlook and your BlackBerry (keeping your email account!!) for only $5/month. Program works great...that Google software gave me nothing but headaches!