Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Darwin Calendar Server anyone?

I read for the first time of someone who downloaded and installed the Darwin Calendar Server. I've thought about buying a Mac Mini to run 24x7 and serve up the family calendar for just this purpose. I still prefer to carry a non-iPhone mobile device running CalDAV, and I'd have to get WebDAV working from the Net into our home network to get back to the Darwin server, so there would be more work to do than is listed in this report; but for now my question is, has anyone wired up a Windows calendar client (i.e. Chandler) to Darwin Calendar Server?

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Sam said...

Haven't tried with Chandler but Sunbird/Thunderbird works fine.

Administration is a bit annoying though so I may end up ditching it in favour of something else if I can't get the LDAP schema extensions sorted.