Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shared tags are a good idea, how do we agree on them?

Earlier this month Brad Templeton posted an interesting list of possible tags that could add rich meaning to the events entered in one's calendar:

Here are some levels I think one might set on tagging an external event (or even a personal one) into your day.

  • I will not attend this event (usually means it will not be shown.)
  • I will not attend but need to keep track of this event.
  • The event is canceled.
  • I have not made any decision (default behaviour.)
  • There is some chance I will attend (perhaps a percentage can be applied.)
  • I want to attend, but something may change my mind.
  • I plan to attend. (A typical default.)
  • I am central to this event (speaking, leading meeting etc.)

This is a neat list. Is anyone working anywhere to standardize such a set of tags, so they may have shared meaning between people?

1 comment:

Tim said...

That's a good list of tags; I'd add "I must attend this event" as well, to indicate those cases where attendance is mandatory, even if you're not central to the event or wanting to attend the event.