Friday, May 25, 2007

Google Calendar for mobile devices?

Maybe this sync-with-my-native-calendar stuff is a blind alley. Maybe the best way forward is to put Google Calendar everywhere and just finish figuring out how to sync everything else to it. (That is, if you don't mind Google knowing where you are going to be from hour to hour.)

However, listen to Dave Taylor, writing back in January: "Google Calendar, however, is completely incompatible with the [Blackberry] Pearl and any other mobile device."

Gmail has worked fine on my Pocket PC for a while now. I wonder when we'll see Google Calendar on mobile devices?


Anonymous said...

From Google Calendar's New Features website:

Just launched!

Calendar on your Phone
You can now access your Google Calendar account from your mobile phone! Just visit with your phone's web browser and once you're logged in, you'll see your list of upcoming events with date and time information in an easy-to-browse format.

Doug said...

Perhaps the day before you posted this?

Posted to Google's blog on May 24: Calendar for mobile devices

Dave Taylor said...

And I can confirm that it works *great* with my Blackberry, so Google neatly solved that problem. next up, they need to get Google Reader for Mobile actually functional and then I"ll be a pretty happy all-Google-all-the-time online user. :-)

Unknown said...

Google Calendar now works fine on my Pearl. The only problem is the network: on GPRS, it's too slow to be useful. If I'm talking to someone and they want to make a meeting with me, I can't wait a minute to check my calendar - I need it then and there.