Tuesday, January 09, 2007

OggSync works, too

OggSync also gets a SwampDrain score of +2 for doing what GooSync can do, plus apparently it can also sync one Google Calendar to another. I haven't tried this particular feature, but it's not something I'm likely to use. However, just today "jonboy" was looking for this particular feature, so there you go.


Anonymous said...

Hi Scott! Thanks for the post about OggSync. Actually, what OggSync does that none of the others do is sync multiple of your Goggle calendars to your cell phone, this includes public and private calendars.

So, if you have for instance your "main" default calendar, a work calendar, a calendar shared by your significant other, a club calendar, a blogging group calendar, the us holidays public calendar, etc. OggSync can import and manage ALL of these on your Mobile device.

The others I belive can only import your default google calendar.


- OggSync

Christoffa said...

Hi Scott,

GooSync will add Multi Calendar this month, and to be fair Scheduleworld have been doing this for some time.

Chris (GooSync).

Scott Mace said...


I thought ScheduleWorld synched with Outlook on the PC. Now I'm trying to sync directly with Pocket Outlook, so I guess that's why I didn't think of ScheduleWorld. It looks like maybe ScheduleWorld can sync directly with Pocket Outlook. Is that correct?


Anonymous said...

This is jonboy, and after having tried Oggsync for over a month, this is the final letter I have sent them. I hope it is useful for those seeking to use it.

After yet another critical loss of information, I am afraid that I have to stop using Oggsync. Last night, more errors occurred, and the schedule for my business was corrupted. THe first time this was catastrophic and an embarrassment to my business. Yesterday it was less so, but I can no longer tolerate ANY flutuations or errors whatsoever. People place trust in me so that I can help manage their medical conditions, and if this is the consequence of keeping track of them on my PDA, then I can no longer accept that. Perhaps it is a glich in the system and perhaps I am an outlier, but I cannot take that risk in continuing to use your product.

Please, for the sake of future clients, get these things fixed. And remove me from your subscription, effective immediately.


Jon Kula

Shawn said...

Hi Jonboy,

Sorry for your trobles, however, the message you quote was sent on Apr 1st, and although you never responded for our requests for more info, I think the "fluctuated" events were related to the DST timezone issues that Windows Mobile, Google and Oggsync were having to deal with, it was rough times (and I hope not to be repeated in the fall).


- OggSync Support