Saturday, January 06, 2007

GooSync works

I'm pleased to report my first successful PocketPC-to-Google Calendar sync experience. I'm giving GooSync a SwampDrain score of +2. I'm also finding that when my wife generates an iCal invite I read via Gmail, Gmail provide a simple way to RSVP back to my wife's iCal. I simply click "yes" within the Gmail, and the confirmation somehow finds its way into both my Google Calendar and my desktop Outlook (and then into Pocket Outlook via regular sync), and sends my wife an email she can click on to tell her Mac iCal calendar that I've confirmed. (My Gmail, though, doesn't seem to keep a record of the email message it's sending to her. Is there a way to configure Gmail to show that record?)

Now I'm looking for a service that will sync only a few categories of events from Pocket Outlook to Google Calendar. Not sure if GooSync or its competitors can do this, or if the limitation is in Pocket Outlook itself.

But it's the most progress here at the Swamp in some time!


Unknown said...

Hi, You can try OggSync which allows sync with only your selected calendars instead of just one (or all), not sure how GooSync works. Also, be sure to visit on the 8th, as we are planning an announcement.

Tyler said...

I like Goosync. I use a Treo 650 with Palm Desktop, and so far it seems to work. They also seem to be in pretty rapid development.

Good blog, great subject.

Anonymous said...

Hey there!
I run a physical therapy practice, and was wondering if it is possible to sync multiple google calendars with a PDA. Your comment leads me to think so. My question is: 1). Is google calendar reliable enough to work with the medical profession?
2). If so, what OS/PDA would be the best choice to support this?


Anonymous said...

Hi JonBoy, yes that's exactly what OggSync Pro can do. Best!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

Anonymous said...

I never use Outlook, but at first I tried syncing Gmail via Outlook to pocket PC > to much effort. Last week I tried the free version of GooSync. To start with, I like that it's free to try, the free account gives enough functionality for a regular user. After a week I decided to scale it up (partly due to a january-offer). Because I use 15 agenda's, the full account really hits my requirements. User friendly, quick, thorough, I would recommend it to anyone! - Lars

Scott Mace said...

Lars, you make one good point. GooSync lets you really try it out without shelling out any money. SyncMyCal's free-trial version only syncs three days in either direction, which really isn't enough. But I didn't find shelling out the $25 for the full version to be an impediment. These two programs may duke it out for the next few months in various ways; price is one.