Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Office 2007 iCal challenge

It's time to start trying to settle this Office 2007 iCal question, but I refuse to install the beta software myself. I still don't need that level of grief.

When I was at InfoWorld in 1989, a test I was able to run on a beta of dBase IV made headline news, thanks to the cooperation of a beta-tester who was never named.

It's time for another test. If you are running a beta release of Office 2007, please create an event on your Outlook 2007 calendar for test purposes. Then, please invite me to this event by creating and sending an iCal invitation to this event to I'll try to open each of them in one or more iCal clients and report the results here. If possible, I'll also reply to your invitation and will be interested in knowing if the reply gets through to you.

I'll even accept invites from Microsoft employees, but I'll also disclose that these invites were sent by someone at Microsoft. Otherwise, I won't identify anyone who participates, just in case you're worried about violating a Microsoft non-disclosure agreement. (I've got 25 years of experience with protecting sources, with no complaints yet.)


Anonymous said...

I'm a little stuck at the gate on the Outlook/ical question. We can't get it to work either way and the doc isn't just awesome. I'd be happy to conspire in this testing, though. We have a mixed network (mac/pc) on Mac servers.


Saksiri said...

My experience...when I click the link to an iCal, Outlook 2007 attempts to subscribe, but fails when you try to enter the login credentials. It keeps prompting for the username & password, but even if you enter the correct information, it cannot handle it - at least for backpackit calendars.

Unknown said...

Was there ever any resolution to Outlook's ability in RECEIVING iCal calendar requests?