Friday, March 23, 2012

How do I get Outlook to subscribe to an iCloud calendar?

I've turned the paradigm on its head. Usually people want iCloud to subscribe to (or more usually, sync with) their Outlook calendar. I, instead, wish to have Outlook subscribe to an iCloud calendar. Does anyone out there know how to do this easily? I would have thought it was easy, but Google searches continue to turn up answers involving sync, which I am not trying to do. No, I'm merely trying to subscribe. Any ideas out there? Seems like a simple enough question. (And the PC in question running Outlook does not have any Apple software on it, so I'm syncing my iPad and iPhone to a different PC, not running Outlook).


Jake Wooder said...

I've been looking for an answer for this one also. I am so frustrated to try an iCloud calendar to my ms outlook but I always fail. I hope someone can help us in here.

John Boyer said...

I believe since Microsoft Outlook is a client there’s probably no way to subscribe to it without an iCal URL.

A possible workaround might be to install Outlook Hotmail Connector. Then see if there's a published URL for the calendars that are you interested in and if so in subscribe to them.

John Boyer said...

Please disregard my previous comment. It’s the opposite of what you are looking for.

To subscribe to an iCloud calendar in Outlook, I believe there are one of two options:

1) Install the iCloud Control Panel
2) Use the CalDAV URL published in Apple iCal. Tip: Launch iCal on your Mac and right-click Get Info and use the URL to subscribe to it in Outlook.

Let me know if this works for you.

Scott Mace said...

I don't use iCal on the Mac. I'm only using the calendars on the iPhone and the iPad. These devices occasionally sync to Windows PCs, but the calendar syncing is directly to iCloud. When I set up a separate Apple ID on the PC running Outlook that will subscribe to the iPhone calendars, iCloud tells me that "your Apple ID must be used to set up iCloud on an iOS or OS X device before you can use". So I have to get/buy an iPhone/iPod touch or somesuch just to subscribe to these calendars from within Outlook? Sheesh.

Scott Mace said...

Update: So I borrowed an iPhone to attach to the PC running Outlook, and I was able to create my iCloud account, log in, and subscribe to other iCloud calendars. Now I'll try to publish one of my Outlook calendars and see if I can subscribe to it from the original iPhone. The fun continues!

Anonymous said...

you're absolutely right John
I've installed iCloud control panel and logged into it and now I see iCloud calendar inside Outlook (2010)

Anonymous said...

When I open the iCloud control panel on my PC, I get the option to check a box to subscribe to "Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks". But I only want to view my iCloud Calendar, and NOT the other apps. Is it possible to select only the Calendar subscription? I am worried about merging my personal mail and contacts into my work mail.

Marcel Janssen said...

If it was just syncing I would have the answer. But just subscribing hmmm.

I use an Outlook add-in called EVO Collaborator for Outlook.

Might be worth taking a look at ?
I only used it for 1way/2way syncing so far.

Here is a related blogpost on EVO Collaborator for Outlook