Wednesday, May 13, 2009

4.9 hours per workweek

4.9 hours per workweek -- that's how much time business professionals spend to arrange, on average, seven meetings. MediaPost has the details about the study that found this. Seventeen percent of all meetings are rescheduled, which is one place where some services such as Tungle have some area for improvement, as detailed in my most recent podcast.

The study that produced these findings is sponsored by Swiss-based Doodle, a company started in 2007 as yet another would-be go-to place on the Web to arrange meetings.


Saqib Ali said...

In a similar blogpost[1], Bill Pray of Burton Group mentioned Tungle and TimeBridge. I was very impressed by Tungle. I hope Google integrates one of these three systems (Doodle, Tungle or TimeBridge) into their Google Apps offering.


Saqib Ali said...

Cnet has compiled at list of online Calendaring apps, with a nice review of them: