Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Nokia's Intellisync going bye-bye

jkOnTheRun reports that "the venerable syncing solution from Intellisync will be shut down and no longer available." Nokia is now recommending a solution based around Windows ActiveSync.

Any Intellisync fans out there? Is Nokia's move to ActiveSync good, bad, or no change?


Anonymous said...

Well, it doesn't sound like good news for anyone who doesn't use a Microsoft calendar. I have a Nokia phone, a Mozilla Thunderbird calendar on my laptop, and a Sun/iPlanet calendar on the server. This move appears to lead nowhere useful for me.

GMARA Tim said...

Oh wow, that sucks. Intellisync was the only thing that ever intelligently let me sync my Palm Treo calendar with Lotus Notes. (All the other solutions make you sync *everything* with lotus, and don't do it well to boot.) Ouch. Just bought a copy this year too.

Color me unamused.