Friday, June 06, 2008

Report: Mulberry does CalDAV best

Over a Zimbra's blog, Mike Morse writes:
"If you want strict [CalDAV] specification adherence in a cross-app & cross-platform thick-client: Our winner is Mulbery for Linux, Windows, & Mac. In addition to being a Swiss-army-knife of protocols, it’s also Open Source."
Sunbird, watch out!

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Doug said...

Congrats to the Mulberry team... however, what worries me about Mulberry is the apparent low level of activity on the project.

Looking at their code repository shows only five code checkins since January (see the trac timeline).

While I applaud their ability to match the caldav spec, it may be a moot effort if there isn't real support behind the project.

Perhaps they would better spend their time helping out something like Sunbird.