Thursday, May 15, 2008

Calgoo Hub comes to Outlook 2003

I've fallen behind a bit on things I want to write about here. Today I happen to be attending the Data Sharing Summit 2 in Mountain View, and while I have a spare moment or two, I'll be posting a bit about some things I've seen lately.

First up is a recent email I received from Calgoo, Calgoo Hub Plugin for Outlook 2003. Andrzej Kowalski's email says:
"While there are a large number of Outlook 2003 users out there, the Outlook 2003 calendar does not support subscribing to Internet calendars and publishing calendars as does Sunbird, Outlook 2007 and Apple iCal. We wrote [the] Calgoo Hub plugin to add these capabilities to Outlook 2003 and further extend the accessibility of the Calgoo Hub platform."
And yes, it earns Calgoo another +1 SwampDrain point. Microsoft should have provided this capability for Outlook 2003 long ago, rather than insisting that all Outlook 2003 users upgrade to Outlook 2007.

Also, the Calgoo Connect sync service is now available for the Mac as well.

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