Saturday, February 09, 2008

GooSync's adding tasks, so Google Calendar's next

GooSync, the software that syncs Google Calendar with mobile phones and PDAs, just emailed its community that the company is seeking testers for a new task feature being beta-tested by GooSync later this month. This must mean Google Calendar will be getting tasks (completable events) shortly. Last month, I said Microsoft was expanding the calendar genre by adding tasks to Windows Mobile calendars, but upon investigation I had overlooked reports from April 2006 that tasks were already an unimplemented feature of Google Calendar. Bottom line, it's time to add tasks to our basic list of calendar-sharing must-haves.


Ken said...

Wow...GooSync works with my phone! (SonyEricsson W550i) Hadn't seen this before, so thanks for the link! Very cool.

Anonymous said...

I love Google Syn for the blackberry, I hope the tasks feature comes soon!