Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blog report: Exchange 2007 breaks some calendar sharing

The Boycott Novell blog reports that a reader whose IT department upgraded from Microsoft Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 was no longer able to view the availability of attendees when trying to schedule a meeting from within Firefox or Konqueror running on Linux. This January 12 report states that "there's no word on when it will be fixed."


Rapporteur said...

I wrote the original report. The situation is that the Exchange folks have hired a consultant to migrate their Exchange 2003 server to the 2007 version. They are trying to do an "in-place" upgrade. I believe that it is not actually complete.

My officemate got migrated over to a test Exchange 2007 server and she found that none of her old mail was there. It was some problem that had to do with a GUID or some such. Unless Microsoft can sort the problem, she has a choice between reverting back to the old server or going without her old e-mail.

Anyway, to the original problem, I posted about it sometime in mid-January. It is now February and the availability information is still unavailable to me using an open source system. I believe the only workaround for me is to use a Windows system with a Microsoft-approved client.

I'm not very surprised. The Exchange admins in general don't seem to test functionality with non-Microsoft programs. They barely even test interoperability with the Macintosh, which we allegedly support. Sadly, it's up to rank and file users like me to report problems and hope that the powers-that-be see fit to fix them and have the ability to do so.

Rapporteur said...

Note: if you have doubts about the comment I posted earlier, you could simply link to the following article as an update:

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