Saturday, March 03, 2007

Extended DST on Windows? No worries, mate

Just the thing to liven up a Saturday night after the wife and kid are in bed: running the Extended Daylight Savings Time update on my Windows XP and Windows Mobile 5.0 computers. Boy that was fun...not! And according to this Microsoft page, some Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC users weren't able to download the update until February 26. ("We apologize for the inconvenience" says Microsoft.)

Anyway, my update's all done. Now if only it works without a hitch one week from tonight. Good thing I don't demand proof ahead of time. Also a good thing I don't mind changing my time zone twice at the end to make the update "stick" on my Pocket PC, updating my Mobile software, updating my copy of Outlook, updating my Windows XP, and creating a System Restore Point at the very start, because after all the fix messes with my Windows Registry. Sheesh!

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