Monday, February 12, 2007

USB cables = primitive synch

Dave Winer: "USB cables are very primitive channels for synchronization. Way too limiting." Amen.


andi said...

I'd agree that the usb cable is a synchronization mechanism which requires manual involvement, and that with wireless and rss type technology it could all happen seamlessly and effortlessly.

However the flip side of this is that more that happens in the background without direct initiation by the user the more routes for malware propagation are available. Personally I like control over where and when data exchange between devices happens.

Not a complaint, just an observation really....

Anonymous said...

Even though USB syncing is available for my Treo 650, and does a faster job of it, I refuse to use it. Syncing over Bluetooth is much more convenient and can be done anywhere I turn on my laptop, without fumbling for cables.

The holy grail of syncing will be when we can sync over the air to a collaborative system like Google Calendar. I fear their "beta" nature will put this far off into the future.