Saturday, July 22, 2006

Imagining calendar interop nirvana on Inside the Net

I was delighted to be the featured guest on today's Inside the Net podcast, speaking with Amber MacArthur and Leo Laporte about the latest goings-on in swamp draining. Leo got me to describe calendar interop nirvana, and I talked a bit more about this week's news from Calconnect.


Mark Chandler said...

I listened to the show. Very pertinent stuff. This is a problem that lots of people have to deal with. Between Calendars and To-do lists it would be nice if they all communicated with each other. I wish that I could keep them all together. I try to put everything in my Palm Pilot but it isn't that convenient. Plus there isn't any ability to share like you mentioned. It seems like standardization is the key. Have you looked at the microformat, "hcalendar" at

Anonymous said...

I listened to the Inside the Net podcast and wondered that Yahoo calendar was not mentioned. Yahoo has software for syncing with Outlook and Palm, as well as others. I have used it and the only problem I run into is duplicate contact entries, but the calendar seems to work fine.

Yokimbo said...

It was a good show, Scott. Thanks for running this site and keeping everyone informed.

By the way, did you see 37 Signals came out with a calendar for Backpack? I was checking out the demo videos and it looks pretty slick. It uses the iCal format, so sharing is an option. One downside is that you don't get one with a free Backpack account, you have to pay $5 per month minimum. I think I'll stick with GCal for now. I don't have anything personal enough to care if Google sees everything.

As an aside, one thing I learned from the videos was that Apple has a calendar library of holidays, sports events, etc... [].


Anonymous said...

Don't know if you're interested, but I just released a web application to upload Palm datebook data to a Google Calendar. Unfortunately it's not two-way (and it probably will never be), but I find it handy to keep most dates in my Palm for easy access, and this way I can see them in Google Calendar as well.

Anonymous said...

Nice app! too bad it supports only US timezones, which makes it quite useless for most living things on this planet.

Arf, arf!