Monday, June 26, 2006

Gimme that one-time religion

Okay, okay, I get it. Calendar interoperability is either impossible, too tough to define, it's going to cost me $$ every month, I'll have to look at a bunch of ads all the time, or all my privacy belongs to my service provider (gotta love Software-As-A-Service).

Can't someone on this planet create a piece of packaged software, so I can pay One Price and achieve synchronization/free busy sharing between a Pocket PC and Apple's iCal? Do I really have to buy Office 2007 to pay one time only?


Anonymous said...

No, you shouldn't have to. Since a calendar is such a common thing, it seems like it would make sense for these different applications to play nice together, but as is usually the case, things get overcomplicated, and transferring our data is a major headache.

Anonymous said...

amen brother.
-Frustrated in Orlando, FL

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Missing Sync count? I've only used the Palm version, but the Windows version supports Windows Mobile 5 now.