Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pressure's on Microsoft to support CalDAV

One reason I'm so enthusiastic about the Oracle CalDAV support is that I think it puts much greater pressure on Microsoft to support CalDAV in Microsoft Exchange. Last year, Exchange customer Boeing was reported to have implemented a CalDAV plug-in for Exchange, but only for the free/busy component. Of course, this year Google added CalDAV support for Google Calendar. But Oracle's Beehive competes directly with Microsoft Exchange, so I would say this latest development significantly turns up the heat on Microsoft to get on board the CalDAV express.

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Anonymous said...

Oracle's support for CalDAV is significant but even more so is the fact that Zimbra (which is arguably now the #2 player in email and collaboration, behind MS) has support and also supports the free/busy interoperability with Exchange. All the top .edu's in this country (Yale, Berkeley, MIT, Stanford, Univ of Wash, Penn State, Carnegie Mellon, Duke - and I could go on) want this from MS. MS is clearly dragging their feet, which most likely means a revenue impact (loss) is prompting the delay in adopting this.