Friday, November 02, 2007

Evolution, Sunbird, Samsung tales of woe

TumTumblr writes:
"How is it possible that Evolution and Sunbird, which are regularly called 'Outlook replacements', are not able to export their files into things like the .VCS format which Outlook recognize, or even into some (why-would-I-care) perhaps non-standard erroneous but Outlook-compatible file format? How is someone supposed to sync between the two, short of setting up Microsoft Exchange crap?"
and also has this to say:
"Samsung seems to utterly and utterly fail at usability, interopability (even with the standard of Contacts/Calendering/e-mail, Microsoft Outlook). Shame. They do the rest so well."
Let the drumbeats roll...

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Charles Tryon said...

I agree -- it's mind boggling that no one has really attacked this. There is a partial solution in Evolution, which actually passably well, where calendar invites came in as iCal attachments when I used POP with Exchange. I could then respond (accept/reject) to the invite and insert the meeting into my local calendar. However, this wasn't a real "sync" and it was very prone to errors and mixups, especially when someone updated the event.