Saturday, July 07, 2007

Vista Calendar/Windows Mobile: Microsoft's Web site is no help

Did Microsoft drop the ball on providing sync between Vista Calendar and Windows Mobile 6?

From the current Windows Mobile Device Center page:
"Microsoft® Outlook® XP, Microsoft® Outlook® 2003, and Microsoft® Outlook® 2007 messaging and collaboration clients are required for synchronization of e-mail, contacts, tasks and notes to a Personal Computer."
The Vista Calendar page still makes no mention of syncing with any version of Windows Mobile.

Since Outlook still doesn't sync with Vista Calendar, does this leave those who own both Windows Mobile devices and Vista Calendar up a creek without a paddle?


Anonymous said...

I would hope to see syncing taken to the max with Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Vista. From the calendar, contacts, notes (post its that came with the sidebar), pictures, music, windows mail etc. I would also like to see syncing with the calendar with google calendars, etc. I've had it display in windows calendar, but no editing capability.

Anonymous said...

What is Microsoft thinking? I can see why so many people are looking at the i-phone and mac os x. The whole vista experence is not what I was hoping for, expecially in respect to device syncing...

Anonymous said...

Any update on weather or not they are fixing this? I would rather not install my priated version of office to use outlook(its way too bloated for my home use. I love how vista has calandar built in, no i just want to sycn with my vista desktop and get my vista included stuff synce