Tuesday, January 24, 2006

IBM Workplace now supports iCal

IBM gets a SwampDrain factor of +3 this morning by announcing yesterday that they've added "iCal support for calendar interoperability with IBM Lotus Notes" within a product now shipping called Workplace Collaboration Services 2.6. This move isolates Microsoft as the last major provider of calendar software not to support iCal directly.

Boo to the technology trade press for ignoring this announcement! Wake up over there.

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Thomas Yung said...

I couldn't agree more. I have calendars everywhere. What we need is for everyone to start being able to share calendar formats with each other. iCal is a step in the right direction.

Michael Puskar said...

It sounds like MS is positioning itself against the iCal format, from this Jon Udell article

It wouldn't be surprising for MS to expand RSS/SSE functionality and tout it as a new and improved XML based replacement for the old iCal format. Calendar info then is no longer a separate island of data, but jsu tanother feed with some of it's own semantics for things like recurrence, etc., but fundamentally just RSS. It really doesn't sound like such a bad idea :)


Steve Makofsky said...

Windows Calendar, which is in Vista, natively runs iCalendar format.