Friday, July 03, 2009

DAViCAL: Another open-source CalDAV server

A new open-source CalDAV server is making progress: DAViCAL now implements CalConnect's Freebusy Read URL. Written by New Zealander Andrew McMillan, DAViCAL "is a create a straightforward CalDAV server for shared groupware calendaring. The project is written in PHP and uses a PostgreSQL database for backend storage."

Another opportunity for someone to write a cookbook to allow mere mortals to install and operate a low-cost CalDAV-compatible calendar-sharing server at home or elsewhere. Any takers? I may get around to running it and writing it myself.


Sureseam said...

Confronted by a RedHat server that didn't run a recent enough version of Python to run the Apple iCalServer software; I have installed DAViCAL.

It runs okay though I haven't worked out the business of folk being able to have RW access to each others calendars.

Only 3 months late with this comment - oh well.

Coolum said...

Hey there,

Atmail have done just that, created a really simple installer for a CalDAV server and a kick-ass Web calendar client.

I've installed this under Ubuntu + CentOS, works a charm!

Scott said...

Thanks Coolum. Atmail (a.k.a. @mail) looks like another solid alternative.