Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Trumba and Creative Manager Pro: Two ASP solutions

This morning on IMJ I alluded to the calendar interoperability solutions that require you to pay a monthly fee to some application service provider (ASP). I give these solutions a blanket Swampdrain score of 0 (neither good nor bad). A truly drained Calendar Swamp would provide this interoperability for no money, because a widely adopted standard exists. Solutions that required a one-time payment would be less ideal, but at least they wouldn't have reoccuring charges. At any rate, if you're a home user, you should check out Trumba, and if you're a business user, particularly an advertising agency, look at Creative Manager Pro. But these iCal/Outlook calendar synchronization services will cost you: For Trumba, $39 a year; for Creative Manager Pro, cost is at a minimum, $39 per user per month with a five-user minimum (at least, according to this article).

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Anonymous said...

There's a Creative Manager Pro User Group now! The web site is http://www.cmpusergroup.com